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3 Yrs in a row no income on file!!!!

So in 2018 i started a new job. When i filed my 2018 returns my refund got held up. The irs had no record of me working the new job. Took almost a yr to get my refund. Well 2019 same thing happened. my employer thought it was the accounts fault since he did some other things he should t have and she fired him. So for the yr 2020 we had a new accountant and guess what i just got a letter in the mail saying my refund is being looked into. i called and yep no record of income on file. i saw her mail off my info with my own 2 eyes so i know she mailed it off. Then someone told me today the irs gets the income information from social security . Tonight i created an online account to see what i could find. Well i found they have no record of me working at this new job as well. 


Could someone please tell me whats going on, how can this happen 3 yrs in a row and with 2 different accountants. 

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3 Yrs in a row no income on file!!!!

Sounds like your employer may be at fault, by either not sending in the required paperwork to the SSA and IRS  (or doing so late) and/or failing to remit the taxes withheld from your pay to the IRS.   If so, it could be sloppy bookkeeping, incompetence, or even outright fraud. Do any of your coworkers have a similar problem?


I don't necessarily see an issue with the accountants here. They can only work with what they are given.  You may wish to see an attorney.

Returning Member

3 Yrs in a row no income on file!!!!

It’s only 5 of us there. I know they were a few days late mailing the stuff off but that’s about all I know. The accountant at the end of the yr does whatever they do and mails us our w-2s like any other job. I’m the only one having a problem. 

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