2019 1120S Tax Return
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2019 1120S Tax Return

On March 10, 2020, we purchased the 2019 1120S Turbotax order number QSTCA58109206.  
Due to COVID-19, the filing deadline was extended to July 15, 2020.
On July 14, 2020, we filed the TURBOTAX 1120S electronically and received an emailed confirmation from you that the return was "Accepted" by the IRS. 
Today we received a letter claiming failure to file and intent to seize (levy) property or rights to property.  The IRS claims we failed to file our 1120S. 
Please provide us with proof that the IRS did in fact accept our filed return. 
Your prompt emailed response will be appreciated.
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2019 1120S Tax Return

Contact TurboTax support for assistance in this matter.  Prior answer deleted.


Use this website to contact TurboTax support during business hours - https://support.turbotax.intuit.com/contact/

Or -

Support can also be reached by messaging them on these pages https://www.facebook.com/turbotax/ and https://twitter.com/TeamTurboTax

Or -

Use this phone number and select TurboTax - 1-800-4-INTUIT (1-800-446-8848)

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2019 1120S Tax Return

@CJS5949 wrote:
On March 10, 2020, we purchased the 2019 1120S Turbotax order number QSTCA58109206.  
Due to COVID-19, the filing deadline was extended to July 15, 2020.

Note that the filing deadline was not extended to July 15th for returns that were due prior to April 15th.


See https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/payment-deadline-extended-to-july-15-2020


Your Form 1120-S was due March 16, 2020. Unless you filed for an extension (by filing Form 7004), your submission on July 14, 2020 was late. 

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2019 1120S Tax Return

If this was the first time the corp filed late then you can possibly get the penalty abated by writing  a plea using the " I was confused  and did not understand that the extension was not for my corp  and I learned my lesson and will never do it again"... many folks will be using this excuse this year ... it may or may not work but you can try.  

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2019 1120S Tax Return

If the IRS is saying you never filed, you can call customer support for help in proving you did file a return.


If the IRS is saying you filed late, they are right.  The deadline for C and S-corp returns is March 15, not April 15.  This year, the IRS extended all deadlines that fell after April 1 to July 15, but that means the March 15 corporate filing deadline was not extended.  The penalty for late filing an S-corp or LLC return is $195 per month per shareholder or member.


Here is how to request a penalty abatement.


*Answers are correct to the best of my ability at the time of posting but do not constitute legal or tax advice.*
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2019 1120S Tax Return

the return was due 3/16/2020.  it is 4 months late. the penalty for filing late is $195/per month late/per shareholder.  are you sure the notice isn't a bill for the late filing?   if it is you can write back with the notice and request abatement of the penalties due to your confusion over the due date and also state that steps have been taken to prevent future late filings.  the IRS will make the final decision about the penalty abatement. if it's anything else. 

you'll have to contact TT support because this is a public forum that has no access to any of your records.

or call the number on the notice for clarification. usually the IRS will issue a seizure notice only after other notices are ignored. 


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