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New Member

Where do I enter spouse income for joint return.

Finished entering info for husband's income.  It doesn't go to spouse income.  It instead goes to deductions.  The first page lists both husband and wife and filing joint return is checked but the page for entering spouse doesn't come up.

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Level 15

Where do I enter spouse income for joint return.

Just go back and enter the income the same way.  You can jump around and go back.  On a Joint return when Turbo Tax says YOU it means either of you.  Pay attention to pick the right person when entering anything.

Like to add a  W2 just type w2 (small W)  in the search box at the top of your return and click on Jump To the W2

OR  To Add a W2 enter it under
Federal Taxes Tab
Wages & Income
Choose Jump to Full List -or  I'll choose what I work on
Then Wages and Salaries- Click the Start or Update button

Then if you are married you should have 2 buttons...Add w-2 for (taxpayer name) and Add w-2 for (spouse name). Click on the correct button to add a W-2.
New Member

Where do I enter spouse income for joint return.

The **bleep** page d I es not,will not return. This whole thing is really screwed up I need to talk to a real per s on!!!!!!

Level 15

Where do I enter spouse income for joint return.

If you set up your joint return correctly in My Info then every income entry screen will have a spot with each spouse's name next to it so that you can enter income for each of you.


When you enter your own information in My Info, you have to answer the question "Were you married?"  If you click the button for Married, then a drop down will appear that asks, "Do you want to file this return together with your spouse?"  Then you choose yes to file a joint return.  You would then enter your spouse's information into Personal Info.  


Whenever you are entering income information there should then be a spot for you and for your spouse's income information.  Your names will be shown on the screens.


When you prepare a joint return you include all the information for both spouses on the SAME tax return.  Include all of your personal information, all of your income from every source, all dependents (if any), all credits and deductions for both of you.  You get ONE refund with both names on it.

**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**
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