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I am so frustrated with TurboTax!  My son submitted his taxes online using TurboTax on April 14th and, although he used the TurboTax Free version, he ended up getting charged $150 simply because he had an extra form that was required because he has Health Insurance through the ACA.  I’ve called several times and tried to find a way to email about this case but TurboTax makes it almost impossible to take any action.  The agents I spoke to, while very friendly, simply stated the facts back to me that TurboTax Free doesn’t support form 8965 which is the required form for reconciling your ACA coverage.  One agent sent me a link to a form TurboTax has for ‘Request a Refund’ – I opened a ticket #[removed] but haven’t heard anything since.  If you try to open a ticket, they simply send you to another phone number to call with the ticket number for which I now have 2 - [removed] and [removed].  TurboTax and the IRS have an agreement for free filing as long as your AGI (adjusted gross income) is less the $39,000 – my son’s is $6150!  The reason many people can’t take advantage of this is because TurboTax has 2 separate links for their ‘free’ filing – and, if you use the wrong one as my son did, you’re screwed.  It’s outrageous that a person making what my son does, and buying insurance through the ACA marketplace, should be penalized in this way.  TurboTax touts on their website that they’ve helped so many people file for free but, if they make it this difficult, how is that good?!  I need some help to resolve this issue – it’s not right that TurboTax should be taking this money from my son but I don’t seem to have a way to resolve it.   Ticket [removed] was closed without any explanation as to how they closed it so I opened another one, stating exactly that ([removed]) and, when they say to go look for status ("To track the status of your request, please go to and enter your case number [removed]."), this refund request was also closed with no explanation of how it was closed.  I can't talk to anyone to plead my son's case and I can't get any answers to the cases I open.  Not sure using TurboTax is even worth it any more!

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TurboTax Free

Forwarding this post to the TurboTax Moderators for review.  They may contact you after reviewing this issue.

Level 15

TurboTax Free


If you qualify   you can use one of  the 10 IRS FREE FILE options to file a fed & state return for free ... but you must log in thru the IRS site :


 For Filing Season 2021, you must make $72,000 or below to use one of the 10  IRS Free File partner offers.


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