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State E-file undisclosed charges

@ bettyday787 wrote:

i uploaded turbo tax premier and now when i go to file they want $190. help please this not right and it said it was uploaded and in my account when i started.

That's confusing.   It's not clear what all you have done.  I don't know what "uploaded TurboTax Premier" means.   Do you mean you purchased and installed Premier desktop software (CD/download) onto your computer?  If so, did you end up using Online TurboTax (web version) by mistake instead of your software purchase??


If that's not it, then you'll need to explain in full.

New Member

State E-file undisclosed charges

just happened to me, how do I get a refund to the state fees since I cannot file electronically?

State E-file undisclosed charges

@ Hueyav8r wrote:

just happened to me, how do I get a refund to the state fees since I cannot file electronically?

We don't know what product you used.   In Online TurboTax there are no efile fees for efiling a state return.  All fees in Online TurboTax are for preparation--no matter if efiled or printed and mail.  In the Online products, efiling is free.


Perhaps you used desktop software (CD/download) and are referring to the 24.99 state efile fee? 


You also didn't say "why" you couldn't efile the state return.  Someone might be able to suggest something so you can efile.


In any case, here's how to speak to TurboTax Support about a fee issue.

Hours are 5AM-9PM Pacific (8AM-12 Midnight Eastern) 7 days/week.


You can use this contact form to get a phone number.

In the issue line enter billing issue without quotes.

State E-file undisclosed charges

To contact TurboTax customer service/support use their contact website during business hours. If the problem concerns any type of refund for fees, use the key words billing issues and do Not use the word Refund or you will get a phone number for tax refunds.

Use this website to contact TurboTax support for this situation:


Returning Member

State E-file undisclosed charges

what is the extra charge of 5 for the return that i purchased? i have the DELUXE edition which states a free set file...what the **bleep**?

State E-file undisclosed charges

@ Jievja314 wrote:

what is the extra charge of 5 for the return that i purchased? i have the DELUXE edition which states a free set file...what the **bleep**?

Desktop Deluxe comes in 2 versions--with or without a state program.

If your desktop program is the Deluxe combo version (prepares both Federal and State returns), it includes a free state program with which to prepare an unlimited number of state returns of that one state.  However, there is a 24.99 state efile fee for each state  (except no efile fee for New York state).   The state efile fee was 19.99 until March 1, then since then it has been 24.99.   There is no fee to print and mail a state return.

State E-file undisclosed charges

I think this makes for a good class action.  The packaging states Federal and State E-File.  Let's use this thread to keep in touch on that effort

State E-file undisclosed charges

Can you post a picture of the package saying state efile?


The Box should say Federal Returns & Federal E-File plus State Returns.  It does not say state efile is included.  It also says on the back of my CD case in the comparison chart....

1 state product via download (print free  or efile for $19.99 each) prices subject to change without notice.

State E-file undisclosed charges

@VolvoGirl    is correct ... the packaging is very specific and has been the same for many years so a lawsuit will not work.  Your failure to read the package and understand the specifics is not the fault of the manufacturer.  


If you bought directly from TT then there is an unconditional 60 money back guarantee ...  

Go to this TurboTax website to request a refund for the software purchased from TurboTax - https://support.turbotax.intuit.com/forms/refund-request.jsp


State E-file undisclosed charges

It only takes seven people with the same problem which can give substantial rise to same common issue — in other words many others were also deceived by the state filing undisclosed charges

to pursue a class action

New Member

State E-file undisclosed charges

You get 5 free Federal efiles and 1 free State efile with Turbotax Home and Business. Not sure about other editions as this is the edition I buy from Staples every year on CD.

  • Additional state efiles are $25.
  • You can do as many Federal taxes as you want but you will have to print them out and mail them in.
  • The "$40 Processing Fee" that is "automatically deducted from your State refund is to pay the $25 for you!

I cannot believe the deception of this charge. The $25 fee used to be deducted from your state refund but now, IF you choose that option, it will cost you $40 to get the $25 deducted. CONSUMER BEWARE! You'll be paying $65 for a $25 fee for state efile!!! YIKES!

Click on the "Charge My Credit Card", which is credit or debit, to pay the $25 to efile the state OR print it out and put a stamp on it!  

State E-file undisclosed charges



First I have no skin in this game however you are mixing up the facts.   If you bought the Basic or the Deluxe without the state program then it will run you an extra fee to buy the state program  AND all state efiles are an extra fee  and it says so right on the box.   Make sure when you purchase any DIY program that you read the package carefully so you know exactly what you are buying ... the deluxe is sold with and without a state program for the 7 states that don't have a state income tax return to be filed.  And the Basic has never included a state program ... it has always been an extra fee.  

State E-file undisclosed charges

@ Info411 wrote:

The $25 fee used to be deducted from your state refund

It has never been possible to pay any fees from a state refund.  TurboTax doesn't have any arrangement with state tax agencies to collect that fee for TurboTax.  Moreover, state refunds go directly from the state tax agency to the user without going through any intermediary bank where TurboTax could have access to it in order to take out the fee, unlike when fees are paid out of a Federal refund.


It IS possible to pay the $25 state efile fee out of a Federal refund, but that's not a good idea, since the service fee for that "pay out of refund" option is $40 ($45 for California filers.)


Like you said, it's best to either pay the $25 state efile fee upfront by credit/debit card, or print and mail the state return for no fee.  There is no state efile fee for New York state.

New Member

State E-file undisclosed charges

They make you think the price you pay for turbotax includes one sate e file. they are sleazeball company

State E-file undisclosed charges

@ bro2go wrote:

They make you think the price you pay for turbotax includes one sate e file. they are sleazeball company

I agree it confuses many people, and this is one of the more common questions in the forum year after year after year.   I personally wish they'd just raise the price of the desktop product a bit and include the state efile fee as part of the package deal.  That might solve a lot of ill will, since people would then know what all they're getting and at what price.



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