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Is there any way I can get the pin number and file that tax return for 2021 ?

Can I use this pin number and submit 2021 taxes
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Is there any way I can get the pin number and file that tax return for 2021 ?

To complete and file a 2021 tax return using TurboTax you would need to purchase, download and install on a personal computer one of the 2021 desktop editions from this website - https://turbotax.intuit.com/personal-taxes/past-years-products/


A 2021 tax return can only be printed and mailed, it cannot be e-filed using TurboTax.

Is there any way I can get the pin number and file that tax return for 2021 ?

You don't need a PIN number since you have to print and mail and sign the return in ink.  

Sorry it's too,late to start a 2021 online return or use the mobile app, either on Turbo Tax or the IRS. And too late to efile 2021

If you need to start 2021 you can buy the Desktop download here,

TurboTax 2021 Prior Year Tax Prep - File Past Years' Taxes

You will need a full Windows or Mac to install it on.


If you have a simple return and want to file for free you can fill out the forms by hand.  Here are some basic forms.....


Here is the 2021 1040 return



or if you want bigger type use 1040SR for Seniors,



2021 1040 Instructions



2021 EIC and Tax Tables



Schedules 1-3





Don’t forget your state.  And you will have to print and mail your returns.  So be sure to attach copies of your W2s and any 1099s that have withholding on them.  You have to mail federal and state in separate envelopes because they go to different places.  Get a tracking number from the post office when you mail them for proof of filing.


Is there any way I can get the pin number and file that tax return for 2021 ?

@VolvoGirl a PIN would still have value even if it was paper filed. 


if a PIN was issued and it was not indicated on the paper return, it would still stop the IRS from issuing a refund until they understood why the PIN was not used.  Or alternatively, process the return as normal with the PIN provided. 


 (Look to the VERY RIGHT of the 3rd party designee section of the 1040 - that is where the PIN is to be placed on a paper filed return) 

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