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How do I upgrade to PLUS?

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Level 1

How do I upgrade to PLUS?

Please view the instructions below for more details on how to upgrade to PLUS. 

If you have already filed your 2018 tax return using the Free Edition without PLUS, then you need to upgrade to PLUS and pay first to access your prior year return. Please follow the instructions below: 

  1. Login to  

  2. On the Tax Home screen click "show" to see all your tax returns & documents.  

  3. Under 2018 click on "Add a State." (We are not actually adding a state, but need to get back to the page to upgrade to PLUS.) 

  4. Click "upgrade" on from the left menu. (If it is greyed out, you already upgraded and can close out of there.) 

  5. Now, click on "Tax Tools" from the left menu. 

  6. Click "Print Center." 

  7. Select "Print This year's Return." (Not Prior year's return or you will get knocked out of the return.) 

  8. Click "Pay Now" to pay for PLUS to access the prior year's return. 

If you have not already filed your 2018 tax return, please click on the link below for more instructions.  

This one will help you upgrade if you haven't started your 2018 return yet. 

This one will help if you started your return but haven't filed it yet.

Level 2

How do I upgrade to PLUS?

Level 3

How do I upgrade to PLUS?