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Question about self employment mileage deduction and Roth IRA

First off I was hoping to use Turbo Tax deluxe to deduct my private tutoring mileage. However, Turbotax is prompting me to upgrade to Turbotax self-employed in order for me to do this and its $90!


My private tutoring income is well under $10k. Is there any way to deduct mileage using the cheaper online deluxe. It's my understanding that the downloadable deluxe version has this option, but I would really like to submit my taxes online.


Secondly, earlier this month I set up a Roth IRA CD account with Ally Bank for the tax year 2019. Do I need to report this and if so, could I do this with any version of Turbotax.


I gotta admit it's pretty infuriating that Turbotax does not seem to be very transparent. I may opt to try another online service.  

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Question about self employment mileage deduction and Roth IRA

I just checked my order from last year and I used deluxe - I also deducted some mileage from my private tutoring. So has this changed?

Employee Tax Expert

Question about self employment mileage deduction and Roth IRA

I do not recall the requirements from the 2018 versions of TurboTax.  For 2019 though, you can report self-employment income using TurboTax Online Deluxe, but you cannot include any expenses using the Deluxe version.  You must upgrade to TurboTax Online Self-Employed or use one of the CD/Downloaded versions.  


Regarding the Roth IRA, yes, you do need to include that information as part of your tax return.  TurboTax Online Deluxe or higher can handle this information.

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Question about self employment mileage deduction and Roth IRA

With the online version you can use deluxe or premier to report SE income on SCH C-EZ. However, you can not claim "ANY" business expenses. Not one penny.

If you want to claim business expenses including vehicle use, then you must use the online version of TurboTax Self-Employed.

Now if you use the CD/Desktop version of the program that you physically install on your computer, then you can use the CD/Desktop version of Deluxe or higher to file the full SCH C and claim all of your business expenses.


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