Line 10b Error - Can't Select Itemized Deductions
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New Member

Line 10b Error - Can't Select Itemized Deductions

I got the Line 10b worksheet error during the Federal Return checking process that asked for "Enter the smaller of these cash contributions made or $300", etc.  I was unsure what to do so I entered 300 on the worksheet just to clear the error.


Now this is triggering TurboTax online to select the standard deduction, even though I need to itemize.  The "Deductions & Credits" wrapup says it's going to select itemized deductions, but at the end of the Federal return checking process, it says I'm taking the standard deduction.  I assume this is because of the $300 entry.  But I have no idea how to go back and edit the worksheet to fix this.  I can view it again with "Tax Tools", but can't change anything.  How do I fix this?

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Employee Tax Expert

Line 10b Error - Can't Select Itemized Deductions

If your itemized deductions are greater than the Standard Deduction, TurboTax will automatically use the itemized deductions on your Schedule A. 


Some deductions are subject to limitations, so this could have changed what was the most beneficial deduction in your tax situation. 


If you need to review your deductions or force the use of Itemized Deductions, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Open your return.
  2. Click on Tax Tools on the left hand side.
  3. Click on Tools.
  4. Click Topic Search
  5. Search "itemized deductions, choosing"
  6. Click on Change my deduction.
  7. Choose Itemized Deductions under Which deduction do you want to take this year? 
New Member

Line 10b Error - Can't Select Itemized Deductions

Thanks for the reply, but I already tried this and it doesn't work.  On the "itemized deductions, choosing" screen, TurboTax is choosing itemized deductions.  But when I get to the Federal Review section and click the "explain why" I'm getting my current estimated refund, it suddenly says I'm choosing the standard deduction.  The estimated refund at the top of the screen is also consistent with the standard deduction, and not the increased refund estimate it gave me at the previous screen where I chose itemized deductions.


Again, I assume this is a result of accidentally putting in the $300 charitable deduction amount for standard deduction filers.  But I can't figure out any way to change this, unless there's some way to do it at the very end of the process right before filing the return (which I haven't gotten to yet).

Expert Alumni

Line 10b Error - Can't Select Itemized Deductions

Are you able to change the value of one or more itemized deductions to $1 to make sure that you actually do qualify for the standard deduction?  Then remove the Charitable Cash Contribution under CARES Act?


If you are in TurboTax Online, the screen Charitable Cash Contributions under CARES Act appears as the end of Deductions & Credits. First you have to pass the screen Based on what you told us, the standard deduction is best for you at the end of Deductions & Credits.


Follow these steps: 

  • At the top of the screen, click on Deductions & Credits.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Wrap up tax breaks.
  • Continue through several screens.
  • At the screen Based on what you told us, the standard deduction is best for you, click Continue.
  • At the screen Any Charitable Cash Contributions? delete the dollar amount. 
  • Continue through Federal Review to make sure that things look correct.
  • Then restore your itemized deductions dollar amounts.

See also this TurboTax Help.

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New Member

Line 10b Error - Can't Select Itemized Deductions

Thanks for the help.  Changing a deduction entry to $1 did reset the form and give me the standard deduction instead of itemized.   Then I zeroed out the dollar amount at the "Any Charitable Cash Contibutions?" screen.


However, upon doing the Federal Review, it takes me right back to the Line 10b worksheet error again:  "1040/1040SR Wks Charitable Contributions:  Charitable Contributions has an unacceptable value."  It wants me to enter a value between 0 and 300, but this doesn't apply to me as I have itemized deductions above the standard deduction amount, and don't want to fill out line 10b, which applies to the standard deduction only.


Can I just continue without resolving this error, or will it come up again when I try to finalize the return and file?  If I need to correct this error, what is the process for doing so?

Employee Tax Expert

Line 10b Error - Can't Select Itemized Deductions

Most likely this error will continue.  

 Yes. There is an issue with the contributions deduction and TurboTax is working to fix it.  We do not have an estimated date of correction, at this time.  I suggest you check back often to see if the correction has been made.


There is a problem with the Contributions section of the Itemized deductions and also the above the line $300.00 deduction.  Because of the many changes due to the CARES Act, IRS is still developing the forms and publications on this issue.  Last update was January 13th where everything is still in draft.  Once IRS finalizes the forms, we will be able to update TurboTax to accurately reflect your Contributions deduction.


Here are some of the changes due to the CARES ACT

The new legislation allows tax deductions on two types of charitable gifts. First, it allows up to $300 given to a qualified charity to be claimed as an above-the-line deduction. After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which went into effect in 2018, increased the standard deduction, many taxpayers had less incentive to donate to charities. Instead, they took the standard deduction and stopped itemizing.


For taxpayers who will itemize deductions, the CARES Act effectively suspends the limit on deductions for cash contributions to public charities for 2020.  “That allows individuals to completely wipe out their AGI, and their tax liability, with a charitable contribution.

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