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I fill my tax just now but is my first time how i know i did it correct

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I fill my tax just now but is my first time how i know i did it correct

if you answered all the questions in TT correctly and inputted all the forms you received correctly, you have to trust it's correct.  That is what you are paying TT for - the confidence that they know what they are doing. 

Level 15

I fill my tax just now but is my first time how i know i did it correct

No way to really know until the IRS starts processing tax file AFTER 27 January.


The tax software catches some stuff before filing, and tries to lead you thru critical stuff...but it doesn't know if you totally failed to enter some of your income that you were supposed to  include.


1) Did you have bank interest over $1 that you didn't enter.  The software cannot know that .

2) Did you enter your actual W-2 data  (NEVER use check stubs) .  If you used a check may have entered it wrong. The software cannot know that.

3)  Did you have some investment accounts that haven't sent out their tax forms, and you didn't enter those yet?  The software cannot know that.


But if you've hit the transmit button, you cannot get it back to correct anything now.   You have to wait for the IRS to either "Accept" or "Reject" your filing....sometime in that last week of January.  IF you realize you missed soemthing...and if the IRS "Rejects" your tax file, you'll be able to "EDIT" that tax file and re-submit it.   Howeeever, if the IRS "Accepts" your tax file, and you missed entering something, then you'll have to wait until after mid Feb to "Amend" your tax return, and then mail that in yourself on paper at the Post Office.


A Rejected tax file is just Edited and resubmitted after correcting the problem.  (it is not "amended")

An Accepted tax file must be Amended to make corrections.


In the future, please, never file before the middle of February .  1 March is safer.


*Answers are correct to the best of my knowledge when posted, but should not be considered to be legal or official tax advice.*
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