How long is Turbo Tax 2016 live online?
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How long is Turbo Tax 2016 live online?

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How long is Turbo Tax 2016 live online?


Efiling will close on Oct 16, 2017 after which the Online versions will be closed for 2016 and you won't be able to work on your return or get a copy of it after Oct 20.

If you have already filed your return I would double check that both federal and state were accepted here, 

If you haven't filed or finished yet you only have until Monday Oct 16 to finish and efile.   If you efile by Oct 16 you should still save and print out the pdf file NOW so you can mail it in case your efile gets rejected and you are not able to get it to go through.  

If you don't efile by Oct 16 you will have to print and mail it.  If you don't finish your return you will have to switch to the Desktop program.  So you might want to switch NOW.  To switch from online to desktop and continue in the desktop version see this……. 

You can buy a cd or download the program here 
or look around at stores for sales.   Or if you already paid for the Online version you can call in and ask if they will switch you over.  Contact Customer Service 

Either way if you have already filed or not filed you should save both the .tax file and the pdf file to your computer so you will always have access to it.  You might need to amend it or need a copy to get a loan, etc.  

How to save the .tax2016 file, 

How to save the pdf file,


October 20, 2017 is the Final deadline to resubmit a rejected return that was originally e-filed on or before October 16.  If you're expecting a refund and miss the October 20 final cutoff date, you have until April 15, 2020 (October 15, 2020 if you filed an extension) to file a paper return and claim your 2016 refund.

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How long is Turbo Tax 2016 live online?

@Critter#2   Good write up.  Word on the street is.....
October 22, 2017 at 3 AM PST- Last day to fix rejected returns and not incur additional penalties or interest (again assuming an extension was filed and accepted)

October 26, 2017 at 3 AM PST– E-file servers are shut down for the year for personal returns. No exceptions!
Level 15

How long is Turbo Tax 2016 live online?

Word on the FAQ (posted yesterday) is this:
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