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New Member

How do I put my income in on a 1099 NEC for 2020?

I'm not getting a form to put my money I earned this year for a 1099 NEC
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Employee Tax Expert

How do I put my income in on a 1099 NEC for 2020?

Please follow these steps to enter your 1099-NEC, self-employment income:

  1. Login to your TurboTax Account 
  2. Click on the Search box on the top and type “self-employed”
  3. Click on “Jump to self-employed”
  4. Answer the questions until the "Let's enter the income" screen and select "Form 1099-NEC"
  5. If you had other self-employment income then select "Other self-employed income, includes 1099-K, cash, and checks".


​​​​​​​Please see What is the self-employment tax? and What is Form 1099-NEC? for additional information.




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How do I put my income in on a 1099 NEC for 2020?

TurboTax changed the workflow this year.  In past years, TurboTax deluxe would allow you to enter a 1099-MISC and would create a schedule C for you if you had no expenses to deduct. If you wanted to deduct work expenses, you needed to upgrade to the self-employed version.


This year, if you enter the 1099-NEC and do not check the box that says “I have expenses to deduct” then no schedule C is created. Instead, the income is listed as other income on schedule one. (This is incorrect in my opinion, and I suspect TurboTax will have trouble down the road for this programming choice.)  To create a schedule C, you must check the box that says you have expenses, and I expect this will force you to upgrade to the self-employed version.


If you create your business first (as the other expert suggests), and then enter business income, the 1099 will also go to the correct place. This again will probably require you to upgrade to the self-employed online version.

*Answers are correct to the best of my ability at the time of posting but do not constitute legal or tax advice.*

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