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Level 8

How can I export my return in TXF file format?

I'm using TurboTax 2018 Premier Desktop for PC.  I'm a software developer and I want to write a program that will use the raw numbers stored in my return file (.tax2018) to create summaries that TurboTax doesn't currently provide.  I determined that the .tax2018 file is actually a .ZIP file, and contains two files, a small one called manifest.xml and a second much larger file that probably contains the return itself.  Unfortunately both of those are binary files that appear to be using a proprietary format which I can't figure out.


So, I'd like to export my return as a TXF (Tax eXchange Format) file, which is a standard data file format used to exchange tax and accounting information (I think it was actually originally developed by Intuit).  TurboTax can actually import such files (under File, Import, From Accounting Software, Other Financial Software (TXF file).  Since that file format is publicly documented I can access my information from within it.


So:  Is there a way I can get TurboTax to export my return to a TXF file?  I don't see a menu item to do so.  Alternatively, if it can be exported as a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file, that would be fine too.  Thanks for any assistance.

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Level 16

How can I export my return in TXF file format?

TurboTax does not offer an Export option.  The only option the program has is Save As but it does not offer to save as a .txf or .csv file

Level 8

How can I export my return in TXF file format?

I was afraid of that.  Sigh.  Thanks for letting me know.