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automatic debit payment from bank.

on 8/13/2021 you are going to automatic debit my bank for payment of your services for doing my taxes last year, but the debit account your taking it out of is my wifes account, not mine you need to take it out of my account not hers.  The amount is for 170.00.

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automatic debit payment from bank.

Can't you just transfer it from your account to hers to cover it?  Or call them.


We understand that these are unprecedented times and we’re committed to helping our customers who are experiencing hardships. If you’re in need of assistance, call us by the Tuesday prior to your debit date at 1-888-808-1723 to speak with a trained specialist and mention “auto-debit”, or visit TurboTax Support.

From, https://ttlc.intuit.com/community/charges-and-fees/help/why-was-my-bank-account-auto-debited-for-tur...

automatic debit payment from bank.

No shedoesnt want you using her account for my payment, if you can email me or call my landlines I would be more than happy to give you my debit card number phone number is [phone number removed] or my email 

automatic debit payment from bank.

Sorry no one can contact you.  You have to call them.  The email should say what to do and how to contact them.  It probably gives you other ways to pay.  You should get 4 emails before the debit the account.  

automatic debit payment from bank.

Read the link I posted.  It says the 1st email they send says how to pay online before they charge your bank account.   

automatic debit payment from bank.

Could I get the number please?

automatic debit payment from bank.

When you filed your 2020 tax return, you chose Pay With My Refund, which lets you deduct your TurboTax fees from your IRS tax refund instead of paying them with a credit or debit card.


Per the Refund Processing Agreement, you authorized us to debit your bank account if your refund was insufficient to cover your fees:

In addition, by clicking the "I Agree" button below, you electronically sign and authorize Intuit (through its third party processor) to debit the TurboTax Fees, Additional Products and Services Purchased, and any applicable sales tax from your bank account number identified in the Agreement below, in the event that you do not receive a tax refund that is sufficient to pay for them.


Before we debited your account, you would have received 4 emails from us:

  1. An email with instructions to pay your TurboTax fees (minus the Refund Processing fee, if any) online by a certain date.
  2. Two more follow-up emails asking that you either pay or request a deferment to prevent the fees from being automatically debited from your bank account.
  3. A final email letting you know that we're debiting the fees (minus the Refund Processing fee, if any) and that the auto-debit process cannot be stopped.

You can also be auto-debited if you signed up for Pay With My Refund and your refund is sufficient, but the IRS is still holding your refund 36 days after your original estimated refund date. In this case, you'll get the same email notifications from us, except we will debit the Pay With My Refund fee (if any) in addition to your other TurboTax fees.

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