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What does it mean if the employer provide on site child care?

My employer does not have onsite child care, but I received some benefits to help pay for child care from my employer and I paid the difference. How do I answer this question?
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New Member

What does it mean if the employer provide on site child care?

You would answer "No" to this question. It is only trying to figure out whether you had a daycare at work that was available, which is a different situation from receiving your child care FSA(an amount in box 10 on your W-2).

I left some steps on how to get to your provider summary page below, it might come in handy.

To Add/Edit or Delete a Childcare Provider in TurboTax Online:

1. Go to "Federal Taxes" at the top of the screen

2. Select "Deductions & Credits"

3. Scroll down to "You and Your Family" and select "Show More"

4. Select "Revisit" next to "Child and Dependent Care Credit"

5. Select "Yes" to "Did you pay for child or dependent care in 2016?"

6. Select "Continue" on the Add Dependents page

7. You should now be at the screen that says "Here are your care providers. Next, we'll get your expense info."

8. Select the trashcan icon to the right of a provider you would like to delete, select "Edit" to make changes, and select "+Add another provider" to add a provider

For general information on the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit visit this link: Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit

New Member

What does it mean if the employer provide on site child care?

I work at my daughter's daycare and therefore only have to pay half-price for her tuition. The other portion is listed in box 10 on my W-2. So do I say that my employer provided onsite child care?

Expert Alumni

What does it mean if the employer provide on site child care?

You should enter all the information from your W-2, including the amount reported in Box 10,  just as it is reported on the form. Next, you will need to enter the full amount of your child care expenses, including both the amount you paid out-of- pocket and the amount reported on your W-2 in box 10, in the Deductions and Credits section of TurboTax. This will ensure that you do not have to pay taxes on the amount reported in box 10 of your W-2 and it may provide you with a Child and Dependent Care Credit based on the amount of child care expenses you paid out-of-pocket. 


To enter your child care expenses, please follow these steps:


  1. Click on Deductions and Credits at the top of the screen
  2. Scroll down to You and Your Family and click on Show More
  3. Click on Start or Revisit next to Child and Dependent Care Credit and select Yes
  4. Enter the Care Provider information
  5. Next select the dependent and enter the amount you paid (Be sure to include the amount from your W-2 in box 10 plus any amount you paid)
  6. Answer any questions and select Continue



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