What if I missed an entry on medical prescriptions...
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What if I missed an entry on medical prescriptions for 2019 ?


I e-filed my Federal & AZ State tax returns yesterday only to realize today that I neglected to input an additional $392.00 of prescription drugs. What should I do? I read that an amended return can only be completed by regular mail so how does that work given that my returns have both been accepted already? My wife & I always have enormous medical bills every year, so I imagine that this extra amount would have increased the return. Also, along those same lines, can I take my already filed Fed & State returns to see just how much difference this addition would make?

Thank you very much!

Stephen M.



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What if I missed an entry on medical prescriptions for 2019 ?

You cannot change or add anything on the return that you e-filed.  It is too late, just like when you put an envelope in a US mailbox

Now you have to wait until the IRS either rejects or accepts your return. If your return is rejected, you will be able to go into your account and add or change it and resend it.

If the IRS accepts your return, then you have to wait until it has been fully processed and you have received your refund or paid the tax due. THEN you can prepare an amended tax return 1040X and mail it in. You cannot e-file an amended return.  Meanwhile, DO NOT change anything on your return until you start the amended return. If you did change or add the missing info then take it out and put your return back to the way it was when you first filed it.

You can check your efiling status here,

Assuming you used the Online version,  How to amend an Online return

Level 2

What if I missed an entry on medical prescriptions for 2019 ?

Is there a TurboTax tool that will allow me to enter the prescription drugs $$ amount that was accidentally omitted so I can see how it would have affected both my AZ State & Federal returns. I have the e-filed copies on my desktop PC. I just want a "what if" scenario for now as I understand your explanation of waiting for the process to be completed prior to filing a 1040X amended return should I elect to do so.


Thank you......Steve M.

Level 15

What if I missed an entry on medical prescriptions for 2019 ?

Look at your return.  Did you take the Standard Deduction or Itemized Deductions on 1040 line 9?  


If you used the Desktop program you can make a copy of your return to add it in to see.


If you have the online program go ahead and prepare the amended return.  Just don't file it until the IRS is done with the original return.

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