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If I saved my receipts for shopping gas etc where do I put it

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Level 15

If I saved my receipts for shopping gas etc where do I put it

You do not enter receipts for shopping or gas.  What are you trying to do?


You are posting from TurboTax Live.  You can arrange for the Live help with your questions from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Pacific time.

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Level 15

If I saved my receipts for shopping gas etc where do I put it

Simple answer: nothing. None of that is deductible on your taxes. 


That said, taxes aren't simple. Why do you think you needed to keep those (what are you trying to do)?


There is one obvious possible reason, but even that is rare. You may be planning to claim the sales tax deduction. In that case you add up the sales tax amount on each receipt and enter your total.  


You are allowed to deduct state & local income taxes OR sales tax; but not both. This provision was added primarily to allow a deduction for people in states without income tax. Sometimes, with a big purchase (like a car), you may be better off deducting sales tax even if your state has an income tax. Enter both, under deductions, and TT will calculate the best option. If you don't have all your receipts (and hardly anybody does), you are allowed to use tables (built into TT from IRS Pub 600) based on income & exemptions, You can then add major purchase sales tax to the table amounts. Neither is deductible if you use the standard deduction instead of itemizing.

In TurboTax, enter at:

Federal Taxes Tab (Personal for H&B version)

Deductions & Credits

-Scroll down to:

--Estimates & other taxes paid

   -Sales tax


Sales tax (and state & local income tax) are itemized deductions.  To get any benefit, the total of all your itemized deductions must exceed your standard deduction ($12,200 Single, $24,400 Married filing jointly)

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