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Reynoldsburg Rick
Level 1

Health ins from second 1099R not added in

I have two 1099R, one for me, one for my wife.   Each has box 5 health insurance deduction, but Turbo tax only reports the amount from my 1099R.   I used "step by step" mode to enter these two amounts.  However, in "Forms" mode, Schedule A, line 2d (Insurance premium from 1099-R) shows only the amount from the first 1099-R that I entered.   It should add in my wife's amount from her 1099R box 5, shouldn't it???   If this cannot be fixed, can I just enter a new total in the Schedule A line 2d (forms mode) reflecting with both mine and my wife's Box 5 amount???


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Health ins from second 1099R not added in

Yes.  Enter the correct amount on the form.


If reported on your 1099-R, your insurance premiums will be reported in box 5. This must be entered manually on Schedule A. To deduct medical expenses, you mu


 However, you also must be itemizing deductions to see the benefit on your return.  This website linked to the IRS provides additional information:  1099-R Pension and Annuity Income - (see the box 5 information in the blurb).  

Some states do allow for a health insurance deduction.  If your state does, you may see a benefit on your state taxes even though you may not on the federal return.

Reynoldsburg Rick
Level 1

Health ins from second 1099R not added in

I fixed this by opting out of "Standard Deduction" in Federal, then inserting medicare and other healthcare premiums in Medical worksheet or Schedule A.   Information:  for my initial data entry in Federal, I skipped all entries in "Deductions" sections because I knew I did not have more than the Std Deduction, but I DID enter all data for two 1099Rs that I had, including box 5-healthcare premium.   My Fed return was in Std Deduction mode (with no deduction entries) when I went to state (Ohio.)   In Ohio, I noticed wrong entry for healthcare premiums; short by the amount of box 5 of my number two form 1099R.   Also realized that there were no Medicare premiums in the state, so I went back to Federal to add that and find the missing 1099R box 5 premium.    I DID ENTER the box 5 amount for 1099R number two, but it did not show in the federal medical worksheet.    Adding the medicare premium AND the missing 1099R number two box 5 premium increased my state (Ohio) refund.   LESSON:  Even if using "Standard Deduction", enter medical insurance premiums in federal so the data is available to the state return.    

Because Federal was now in "itemized deduction" mode, my Fed refund changed downward compared to "Std Deduction" mode.    Reason: my actual itemized deduction total was much less than Std Ded.    My purpose for getting the medical deduction numbers in Fed forms is so medical deduction numbers will pass through into my state form.  That accomplished, I went back to Federal to specify "Standard Deduction", which brought my Fed refund back to what it was before.   Note that federal Schedule A disappeared from my Print List after switching back  to "Standard Deduction", but the numbers entered must have passed to the state return because my refund increased for state with no other changes to state.   This STILL DOESN'T EXPLAIN why healthcare premiums from   1099R box 5 of my second 1099R (wife's) did not show up in med worksheet or anywhere I could find in federal.

Expert Alumni

Health ins from second 1099R not added in

Since you are claiming the standard deduction in the federal return, none of this will show up because you have no Schedule A to report. it's still recorded in your Turbo Tax program where you made the entries but will not appear in any of the federal forms or worksheets. Besides, this information is irrelevant to the IRS since you are taking the standard deduction. Your Turbo Tax program treated this correctly. 


[Edited 02-09-2021|15:16 PST]

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