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Estimated Tax Payments - Receipts?



When you make an estimated tax payment does the IRS or state government issue year end notifications forms?  Something like a 1099 that sums up payments made during the year.





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Level 15

Estimated Tax Payments - Receipts?

not the IRS and I know of no states that send out a notice or receipt.  check your bank statements. credit cards, etc. for IRS and probably your state. you can log into its website, register, and then review your payments 

Level 2

Estimated Tax Payments - Receipts?

Thanks.  So I'm guessing that you enter the estimated payments of whatever return is being submitted and the magical computers at the agencies match up  the past payments with the return.  



Level 15

Estimated Tax Payments - Receipts?

Yes.   You enter the date paid and amount in Turbo Tax.   You have to keep track of them yourself.   The IRS will match it.  If you put the wrong amount the IRS usually catches that and will adjust your refund or tax due.

Level 15

Estimated Tax Payments - Receipts?

If you make your estimated tax payments online you usually are able to print a receipt then and there.

**Answers are correct to the best of my ability but do not constitute tax or legal advice.
Level 15

Estimated Tax Payments - Receipts?

They all get entered in the Federal section of the program (even  the state) and the program pulls the amounts into the state return.

You will see sections for federal, state, and local under the Estimated Taxes screen -

  • Log into your account and click Take Me to My Return (you must click this first)
  • Use the search feature in the top right-hand corner of your screen (or search topics/bar if using desktop)
  • Search for "estimated tax payments" and click the "jump to" link.  
  • This will bring you right to the appropriate section to enter all of your estimated taxes paid


Or, you can also find the section by clicking on the following tabs:

  • Federal Taxes
  • Deductions and Credits
  • You may have to click “Ill Choose what to work on” or "Show All" or "Check for More Credits" to get full list to appear
  • Scroll down to Estimates and Other Taxes Paid (you may need to scroll down all the way past your "common" tax breaks list that will appear in your summary)
  • Scroll down to Estimates
  • Enter your 2021 Paid Estimated Taxes 
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