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State Income Tax Payment was Returned

I just received a letter from the Colorado Department of Revenue indicating that my state income tax payment was returned for the following reason:


R03-Unable to Locate


The letter advises me to contact my financial institution directly for additional information and to remit payment directly to them.


I paid this amount directly to Turbo tax, that was supposed to issue payment to the state of Colorado on my behalf. I have not received/been reimbursed the payment amount from Turbo Tax. How do I get Turbo Tax to pay me this amount back in light of the fact that it is not being used to pay my state taxes?

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State Income Tax Payment was Returned

TT never ever  pays the taxes federal or state.  all you can do is allow a direct debit to your bank account.   assuming you did not authorize a direct debit to your account. If you had read the TT instructions for  payment you would have seen directions to make a check payable to your state and mail it to the address given.      Having said all that,  many states allow for payment through their website.     What you paid to TT was the fees it charges for use of the program, possibly e-filing state,  and any other services you subscribed to.  You need to send Colorado the payment they request otherwise late payment penalties and interest will continue to accrue.

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State Income Tax Payment was Returned

Unable to Locate sounds like your bank was not able to locate the account that you gave the state for them to to withdraw the money.


This is an issue between you, your bank and the state....Turbotax isn't involved in this transaction at all.

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