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NC AUDIT and adjustment

Note from NC DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE says the " An adjustment has been made to change the adjusted gross income as reported on your NC return to the amount determined by the internal revenue service. The IRS has provided this information under section 6103 (d) of the IR code.   if you agree with thei adjustment, please send us your payment for the BALANCE DUE.  If you have information to show the ouru adjustmen is in error, or you have filed an amended return, please send the information attached to this notice with  45 days. 


TURBO TAX DID BOTH RETURNS.... Please help me to understand the difference. 

thanks \


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NC AUDIT and adjustment

Assuming this is for 2018 taxes:


You'd have to look at a printout of your Federal and NC tax returns to see what you might have missed on the NC-side.  Most income  just transfers over directly from the Federal to the appropriate NC places, but in certain situations, you may have removed some income from the NC part accidentally.....either with some mis-entry on the Federal side, or some income allocations in the NC section (if you were a part-year resident of NC, or a non-resident of NC in 2018)


1) For a full-year NC resident for 2018 you might have accidentally taken out some Retirement income from NC income that wasn't eligible to be NC-exempt.


2) If you were a part-year resident or Non-resident of NC for 2018, then you might not have assigned some income to NC that should have been NC taxable.


3) Could be something else too...but tah is all guessing at this point.


If the NC letter doesn't describe exactly where they think you under-reported, look for a telephone number on the letter to call the NC Dept of Rev directly and see if they can describe exactly what  income they think you under-reported....BUT...Have your Federal and NC printouts right in front of you before you call.