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If I take a cash disbursement from my IRA, and give that money to my son to buy a house, do I still pay the full income tax on that money?

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Yes.   The tax applies reguardless of what you do with the money.


If you are under age 59 1/2 then there could be an additional 10% early distribution penalty that might be waived for the first $10,000 if the money is used to purchase a first home and all of the other conditions are met.


This assumes you are asking about a Traditional IRA and not a Roth.    For a Roth, you can always withdrew your own prion contribution tax and penalty free.  The tax and penalty applies to any earnings that are withdrawn.

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 do I still pay the full income tax on that money?  YES.


Even if you were using the IRA distribution for your own house the distribution is taxable.

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Money that you receive as a gift is not taxable income to you, and you do not need to report it on your income tax return.  Money that you gave as a gift to someone else is not deductible for your taxes.


Turbo Tax does not support the gift tax form 709, but here is a link:

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