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Military Status Question

[duplicate] So for the 'My Info' category where you have to select your military status as of December 31st, 2018 I select that I was a veteran because I left the military in February 2018. However with this option selected, when I go to put in the wages I earned during the last couple months of my military service for my Illinois state return (my state of residence while still in the military, now moved to Ohio), it keeps telling me that "line 21 - Military Pay should be blank". Am I supposed to select 'Active Duty' for my military status, and then put that I left in 2018, even though it asks status as of December 31st?

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Military Status Question

From what I see, IL does not tax active duty military pay. But since you are a part-year resident of IL for 2018 I'm not exactly clear. As I understand it, your military pay is included in your state AGI,probably for the purpose of determining your tax bracket on any taxable non-miliary pay. But the military pay is not taxed. Take a look at and see if you understand it the same as I do.

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