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Turbo card and 2nd stimulus payment

So I have my turbo tax debit card from my tax return in 2019, and my stimulus was sent to the checking account for the card. So if the account was inactive for several months how can I reactivate my original card for this account number? It keeps telling me invalid card but it is the card from the original account given. Not sure if account is active but has to be if stimulus was sent to it.

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Turbo card and 2nd stimulus payment

Same issue I was told my account closed. So I have no idea what is going on right now they wouldn't give me any info told me to pitch my card and I gave them the routing and checking accociated and asked why I never got a rejection letter jrs still says it was deposited on the 4th and I havent received a rejection on the deposit due to a closed account I have idea what the hell is going on I'm lost and cant call the green dot with out my ca rd number cause I was told to pitch it....

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Turbo card and 2nd stimulus payment

If you received an email from TurboTax with the subject: “CRITICAL STIMULUS UPDATE: Update Your Stimulus Payment Direct Deposit Information”, please see this FAQ for instructions: Update your stimulus payment direct deposit information If you did not receive that email, please see How will the second stimulus impact me? for additional information and assistance. 

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