Turbotax 2013
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Turbotax 2013

I need to purchase Turbotax 2013.  Where can I do that?

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Turbotax 2013

TurboTax does not support tax year 2013.   TurboTax only supports tax years 2017 thru 2020.


You may find a TurboTax program online from another retailer for 2013, however there is no guarantee that any updates or a state program download will be available.

Level 15

Turbotax 2013

Sorry nowhere.  If you do find it somewhere you won't be able to update it or download any state programs.  Why do you need 2013?  Do you have a .tax2013 File you want to open?


OR you could try the TaxPrinter service to convert a .tax file to pdf at


They might be expensive and it is probably not safe to email tax returns back and forth.  They are not related to Turbo Tax.

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