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Access filed/accepted Fed/State '20 returns

3/19/21 bought TURBOTAX PREMIER 2020 WIN ESD from Walmart, fulfilled by HiTech Product, LLC

Used Lenovo Laptop to successfully complete, file, & received TurboTax notice of "Federal Return Accepted."

Lenovo Laptop failed. Bought HP laptop.

4/30/21 HiTech Product, LLC emailed 2nd TURBOTAX PREMIER 2020 WIN ESD.
Used HP Laptop to download & activate.

Unable to access my filed & accepted Federal/State '20 returns.

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Access filed/accepted Fed/State '20 returns

You used the CD/download?   The tax files are stored on your own hard drive.  They are not stored online.

**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**
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Access filed/accepted Fed/State '20 returns

If you used the Desktop CD/Download program you need the files ending in .tax2020, .tax2019 etc.  to open in the program.  They are only saved and stored on that computer and any backups you made.  And you should have been saving each year as a PDF file when you were done so you have a copy and don't need the program installed to open it.


Why did your computer crash?  Sometimes the hard drive is still ok so you can take it out and put it in an external usb enclosure and access it from your new computer.


If you can find the .tax files somewhere......After you get the program installed the first thing to do before you open your tax return is to update the program and install any state programs you had. Then open your file. So you first might need to start a fake return to be able to download the state program (go to File-New Tax Return).


Then go to FILE -Open and find your return.

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Access filed/accepted Fed/State '20 returns

Thank you so very much. I am following your suggestions & hope for the best.

My very best regards.

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