Charged or state filling
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Charged or state filling

I was charge for a state filling but was not able to use it. How can I get my money refunded back to my credit card?

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Charged or state filling

I also want to know what mechanism Intuit or TurboTax uses to refund the $25 fee for electronic filing when that method is rejected by IRS, especially since the state does not receive the e-filed return until after IRS is finished with it.  Is there a customer service center in INtuit to handle such matters?

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Charged or state filling

The only way to get a refund would be to call: (800) 446 - 8848. For more information about ways to contact TurboTax, see: What is the TurboTax phone number?




For rejected returns, see: How do I fix a rejected return? This article includes links to the most common IRS rejection codes and how to resolve the issue.



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Charged or state filling

No that is wrong.  The state doesn't need to wait to get the efile until the IRS is finished.  You do have to efile federal first and be Accepted then the state is transmitted usually right away.  When I efiled, I filed both at the same time.  Federal was Accepted in about 20 min and state a couple minutes later.  


But yes if the federal was rejected the state will also reject.  Are you going to print and mail federal?  Why did it reject?  We might be able to help.  If it was for the AGI then try entering 0 for the AGI.  


But yes you can ask for a refund for the desktop state efile fee.

Contact Customer Service, type in BILLING ISSUE not Refund.  
5am-9pm Pacific Time
7 days a week

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