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Schedule E did not import online

i have turbotax premier but my rental property schedule E for depreciation never imported over. Always used it online and not the desktop version. How do i fix this?
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Schedule E did not import online

If you completed the transfer correctly and you still don't see the prior year info then contact support since some users have had this issue this weekend ... 

See this TurboTax support FAQ for a contact link and hours of operation -https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/1899263-what-is-the-turbotax-phone-number

How to transfer 2014 tax file to the 2015 program -- pick your situation below:

2014 Online to 2015 Online

Simple – just sign in with the same login you used on last year's return and we'll do the rest. Forgot your login?

Note: To transfer last year's return to 2015 Federal Free Edition, you'll need to accept the upgrade to TurboTax PLUS which appears shortly after you sign in.




2014 Online to 2015 Downloaded

If you prepared your 2014 return online, in order for your previous year tax information to transfer into your Desktop software you need to download your 2014 Online return as a .tax2014 file.



If you can't get or didn't save the .tax file to your computer before online was shut down Oct 15 or lost it,  there is a way to do it by starting your return in the 2015 Online version, transfer into that and then you can switch and continue in the desktop version and you won't have to pay for online.  Expand the 3rd section for transferring an Online return in this FAQ

2014 Downloaded to 2015 Online

Last year's tax data file (.tax files) can be transferred to Online Deluxe and higher-tier versions.

1.   Sign in to TurboTax Online, if you haven't already done so.

2.   Select Tools from the My Account menu in the upper right corner.

3.   In the pop-up window, select Transfer last year's TurboTax return from your computer.

4.   Read the warning and then click Continue (or Cancel to abort the transfer).

5.   Browse to where you saved your .tax2014 file and select it.

6.   Click Transfer Return and wait for your file to finish uploading.

7.   When you see Transfer Complete, click Continue to start working on your return.



2014 Downloaded to 2015 Downloaded

Do you have the 2014 tax file on your computer?  It ends in .tax2014.  You need that to transfer into 2015.  First thing you do is start a new return and it should find all your 2014 files and ask if you want to transfer them.  

Here's how for Mac:


Here's how for Windows:



Level 15

Schedule E did not import online

This is a fluke that happens sometimes. Overall, it's simplest/easiest to just start over. Under the TOOLS tab on the left, select that option to clear and start over. This will completely clear *EVERYTHING* from your 2018 return, and you'll be starting it over from scratch, which will allow you to attempt the import again.

After you import *AND* get past the personal info section, you can check that the rental data (and anything else of concern) was imported before you continue further.

Please note that if you have already registered or paid your TurboTax fees, then the ability to clear and start over *NOT* an available option. If this is your case, post back and I'll give you the only other way to deal with this manually. It's a real pain too with the online version...but doable.

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