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TurboTax FAQ
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Why didn't last year's tax return transfer over in TurboTax Online?

When you start a new return in TurboTax Online using last year's login, we automatically transfer last year's information over.

Information won't transfer over in certain scenarios, including if:

  • You're signing in with a different login this year.
  • You declined the TurboTax PLUS offer after starting your Free Edition return.
  • You're trying to upload last year's TurboTax Online PDF copy (instead of the tax data file) for transfer.
  • You used the TurboTax CD or download software to file last year's taxes.
  • The file you're attempting to import is password protected.

Troubleshooting Steps

First, make sure you're signing in with the same login that you used last year. Try our account recovery tool to see if you have other logins tied to your email address.

If you do, start a new return at turbotax.com with last year's login, and we'll transfer your data over.

For Free Edition, you'll need to accept the TurboTax PLUS upgrade. This option appears before you start your return, and if you decline it, your info won't transfer.

What you can do is clear your return and start over (as long as you haven't registered or paid yet) and then accept the PLUS upgrade.

Finally, if you're in Deluxe or a higher-tier version, you can upload last year's last year's tax data file for transfer but you'll first need to clear your return (assuming you haven't paid yet), as you won't get a second opportunity to transfer once you've skipped past the transfer screens.