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Link to Schedule C on my W-2 cant' fix it

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Link to Schedule C on my W-2 cant' fix it

Do you have a Box 13 Statutory Employee checked when you entered the W-2? If it is checked on your physical W-2, then see the information below. If you accidentally checked it when entering the information, go back and uncheck it.

If you still have trouble, delete the W-2 and redo it.

Statutory employees are a very special designation and have their own special rules. If you are a statutory employee, you can claim certain business-related expenses on Schedule C instead of Schedule A. This means you get a bigger tax deduction than traditional employees.

Statutory employees are somewhere in between independent contractors and regular employees. Most people are regular employees - they work for an employer and the employer says what job will be done and how to do it.

Statutory employees have been declared employees under federal tax laws, but are independent contractors under common law. These workers are usually work salespeople or have commission-based jobs.

The information from the W-2 has to link with your Schedule C

  1. In TurboTax Home & Business Online, go to Wages & Income and enter your W-2.
  2. Ensure that Box 13 "statutory employee" is checked. 
  3. Answer the questions on the subsequent screens until you get to:
  4. "Any Related Business Expenses?" Click "Yes". 
  5. Go through the interview questions. 
  6. Your W-2 Income is now linked to Schedule C. 
Level 2

Link to Schedule C on my W-2 cant' fix it

My wife is an artist and also works part time - no commissions or any income involved from any of the four IRS noted types of employees that may be covered by the recent change. Turbo tax is still forcing an error from the review each time and we cannot file our taxes.  Thoughts?

Level 20

Link to Schedule C on my W-2 cant' fix it

You haven't indicated if the "statutory employee" box is checked or not on your W-2. Until we know that status, we don't know what to think.