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Returning Member

Wrong 1099NEC to IRS by employer

Long story. 
I work on the side at a Ranch. In early January I received a printed sheet of paper that was my 1099 from my employer in the amount of $1778.00. A few days after getting it my boss passed away. I filed my taxes in March with the sheet (which was an unofficial 1099).. I was told due to my boss passing away they were not sure when the 1099s would be sent to the IRS and that I could use the form that was given to me.
I filed my taxes on March 14th. They were accepted and approved and I was supposed to get my income taxes direct deposit into my savings account around April 24th. 
Today I get the official 1099 in the mail and its in the amount of $2734.00!!! I contacted the person who was over my boss' WILL and he checked the 1099 he sent to the book keeper and it showed the original amount that I filed ($1778.00) and the book keeper made a mistake and sent the wrong amount to the IRS. He said he was going to contact her and see what needed to be done to correct it. But now I am at a loss on what to do. I tried contacting IRS but that is one big joke. 
What can I do? Will I be audited for their mistake. Im getting worried even though I did nothing wrong. 

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Employee Tax Expert

Wrong 1099NEC to IRS by employer

Keep in touch with the payer to verify that the bookkeeper files a corrected Form 1099-NEC with the IRS – corrected to your actual $1,778 amount.  If they do this, you shouldn’t have any issue.  This will put the IRS on notice that the previous form has been superseded.

When they get your copy of the corrected form to you, it’ll have the CORRECTED box checked on top. 

You can continue to try to contact the IRS, but they probably would just tell you the same thing I am.

It’s possible that you could be audited if this isn’t taken care of by the payer but, frankly, the IRS has bigger fish to fry.

Returning Member

Wrong 1099NEC to IRS by employer

Will this delay my refund deposit? It shows on the IRS website that my check will be direct deposit tomorrow.

Employee Tax Expert

Wrong 1099NEC to IRS by employer

It won't delay the processing of your tax return since the IRS won't match up what you reported with the form 1099-NEC reported to them immediately. The worse that will happen is the IRS will contact you several months or more than a year down the road and assess additional tax, but you can protest that assessment by disputing the incorrect form 1099-NEC. You can avoid that by making sure the corrected form 1099-NEC is issued though.

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