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When will I receive my return?

When will I receive my return?
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When will I receive my return?

The IRS no longer processes returns in first in first out batches. They are processed individually so returns sent in at the same time will not necessarily process together. The IRS states that 9 of 10 returns will process in 21 days or less. However considering that the IRS processes more than 140 million returns that means 14 million will be delayed for more than 21 days.

The return will be in the accepted stage the entire time until it is finished processing  and approved for a refund to be distributed ... on the IRS site it is only a 3 step process on the WMR? tool  although between step 1 & 2 the return may go thru a dozen different check points.

Think of the IRS process as a long pipe line. Some returns will be rejected before being allowed into the pipe and the rest will be accepted. Then once accepted into the pipeline many will process directly through without any delays and some will not.  Some returns will be siphoned off for further review of some kind. The basis of what triggers these reviews is a well guarded secret but some are just picked randomly every year.

Some reviews are automated and some will require human attention. The processing times will vary but, due to the understaffing situation that the IRS announced earlier this year,  they are likely to be much longer this tax season.

First -- verify that your returns have been filed and accepted --  then check the fed & state web sites to see where you are in the process-

Check Your E-File Status on this Secure TurboTax website
- It will show the date you transmitted your return and if it was accepted or rejected.  
- Both your Federal and State will be listed separately if you filed both.
- It will tell you when you E-filed
- The electronic filing date

See the following TurboTax support article on checking your e-file status -

For the Feds:'s-My-Refund-It's-Quick,-Easy,-and-Secure.

For the states:

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