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Tax Payment

The IRS is seriously backlogged again this year due to the new tax law changes among other things so all balance due returns are on the back burner so that the limited staff can concentrate on putting out  third stimulus checks, processing returns with refunds on them ,  re computing returns already filed affected by the recent retroactive tax law changes  AND catching up on the millions of 2019 returns that still have not been processed.


So payment debits are being delayed again this year and will not happen until they get around to actually processing the return.     So if your return has been ACCEPTED for processing and you check  the payment information you entered  and if it is correct  then write out the amount in your account on the day it was supposed to go and eventually it will be.  There will be no penalties or interest if the IRS failed to make the debit on time as long as the request was done correctly on a timely filed return.



How do I review the method I chose to pay my federal income tax with, after filing with TurboTax Online?

You can verify the tax payment method you chose on the Electronic Filing Instructions for your 2020  Federal Tax Return page, next to Balance Due/Refund. To see the page, follow these instructions:

  1. Open your return if it’s not already open.
  2. On the [Your name], your 2020  federal return was accepted! screen, scroll down and select Add a State (don’t worry, we’re not adding a state) to access your tax forms and worksheets.
  3. On the left side select Tax Tools then Print Center.
  4. On the TurboTax Print Center screen, select Print, save or preview this year’s return.
  5. On the next TurboTax Print Center screen, select 2020 federal returns and Include government and TurboTax worksheets (optional) then select View or print forms.
  6. The information will be on the first page, Electronic Filing Instructions for your 2020 Federal or State Tax Return next to Balance Due/Refund.


In the future may I suggest you pay the federal (and state if allowed) directly on the fed or state websites ... this way you have the control on the timing and get an instant confirmation of the payment. 



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