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New Member

Recovery Rebate Credit

Hello all,

Im not sure if I may of messed up on my return or not. When I was filing it asked me if I received the stimulus checks from last year and If anyone could claim me as a dependent. I did not receive them and I checked the box that nobody could claim me and it said I was eligible for the $1800. after submitting I heard I also had to fill out a "Form 1040" in addition. I did not do that and I am wondering if I messed up/can I amend after the IRS approves me. 

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Level 15

Recovery Rebate Credit

The Form 1040 is the federal tax return that you already completed before filing.  The stimulus payment would have been added to the Form 1040 on Line 30 as a tax credit.  The credit is included in the Federal tax refund or reduces any federal taxes owed on the federal tax return.

New Member

Recovery Rebate Credit

OK thank you, when I see my refund that I will be receiving it doesnt include the $1800, and I did not owe any taxes back this year. It just shows my refund by itself.

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