Re: Did my federal taxes go through?
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Did my federal taxes go through?

I filled in my paperwork and it came time to pay for my federal and state taxes. I selected the method to charge my credit card for my FEDERAL taxes, but since I don't have e-file, I needed to mail in my STATE taxes. I got no confirmation or return form for my federal taxes, and it is not showing up in my credit card statement... did it really go through?? Will I be penalized? How can I check that TurboTax actually allowed me to pay for Federal. Am I supposed to have received confirmation or a tax return that I need to send in for federal as well?

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Did my federal taxes go through?

Hi - If you pull up your federal tax return, the date of withdraw will be listed on the 1st page of the 1st worksheet.  With that date noted, you will not be penalized for a delay as you filed on time.  I hope that is helpful.  Congrats for being done!!

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