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Never using turbo tax again

as a stay at home mom I literally only made 10k last year and filed with turbo tax as self employed and they are taking 350 off my card this week that I can’t even afford I’m so upset they said there’s nothing they can do not only that irs didn’t accept my refund due to identity issues and they won’t pickup at all to get it figured out turbo tax says it’s not their problem and the 350 will be negative on my bank account this week now I’m so frustrated and mad I’m in hard times where I just can’t afford 350 to make my bank negative very upset with this service 

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Never using turbo tax again

First you were sent 3 warning emails that the debit was going to happen since the refund has been delayed as stated in the  contract you agreed to in the program twice. 


If you chose to pay your TurboTax fees out of your Federal refund, and if your Federal refund has been delayed unusually long at the IRS (or if it's been reduced), after a certain number of days TurboTax will want to be paid.  They likely started sending you emailed bills to pay.  If you don't respond by either paying or asking for a deferment, they will ultimately debit your bank account.  If you wish to ask for a deferment, you need to do so quickly.


See this FAQ that explains the process.  The first paragraph of the FAQ has a special phone number if you have a question or have a hardship and need to ask for a deferment.  


Hours are 5AM-5 PM Pacific (8AM-8PM Eastern),  Mon-Fri.


If you need to ask for a deferment, you should call them as soon as possible.  Once they actually start the debit process, they say they can't stop it.


FAQ:  Why was my bank account auto-debited for the TurboTax fees?



The first paragraph there says:

If you’re in need of assistance, call us by the Tuesday prior to your debit date at 1-888-808-1723 to speak with a trained specialist and mention “auto-debit”, or visit TurboTax Support.








If you qualify   you can use one of  the 10 IRS FREE FILE options to file a fed & state return for free ... but you must log in thru the IRS site :




 For Filing Season 2021, you must make $72,000 or below to use one of the 10  IRS Free File partner offers.


Never using turbo tax again

What number do I call to ask for that because I’ve called them three times or talk about it and all they gave me was a extra week extension to pay it and I currently don’t have 350 to pay it this week 

Never using turbo tax again

Sorry ... that is the only number to call.  

Never using turbo tax again

Well idk I argued with them about it last week and only made me have a horrible day they said even if my refund was denied by irs which mine was I will still b charged the 350 this week and my card will go negative really sucks I can’t even afford all my bills right now but lesson learned I guess 

Never using turbo tax again

Rather silly to pay TurboTax when you can file for free at

the IRS at https://www.irs.gov/filing/free-file-do-your-federal-taxes-for-free

Never using turbo tax again

I find the fee of $350 baffling---even if you used the online Self-Employed software.   That version is $120, and the state is another $50.   How did the fee blow up into $350----what else was added on?   Even with the $39.99 refund processing fee it is  way less than $350.   


As stated above----going forward-----with the amount of income you are receiving you should use the IRS site to file for free from now on.   Or you could have used the TurboTax Free File version at no cost---but you have to go to the right web site to use it.


If you qualify to use it, there is another full-featured free version of the software:

Try Free File: 

You qualify if your income was $39,000 or less, or $72,000 or less if active duty military, or if you qualify for Earned Income Credit






Or—-Use this IRS site for other ways to file for free






**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**

Never using turbo tax again

Did you add the  Live expert help feature or the Full Service option?


How to see your fees


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