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I am getting two "fix Errors" problems

I have 2 issues with Fix Errors notices. I believe that they are bugs in the software because nothing I do will correct them. I am using TT Home & Business from a download to my MacBook Pro. 

1) I get a notification on the Fix Errors page for 2 non-existing 1099-MISC forms. I did have some 1099 -Misc last year but deleted them in the questions area. It is asking for a EIN or SS#. As directed, I go to the FORMS view and deleted the Worksheets. But once I go back to the review,  they reappear. 

2) The Fix Errors page states that there is an error on a 1099-R which is a pension disbursement from the Roth IRA portion of my husband's 401K account. It is asking for "annuity starting date" and "plan cost @ annuity starting date". This information is not on the 1099. When I try and enter information into the 2 boxes on the FORMS view it will not accept the information. We have gotten this 1099R for 3 years and have never had a problem with it. This is the first year w/out penalty for being under 59.5. It is less than $200 and it is holding up my filing. 

I have already checked for updates. I have already searched the community for hours. I have even asked two separate questions and not gotten anything that has helped. I don't think I should have to pay for a CPA review for what seems like a software glitch. I have used TT for decades and never had an issue like this. 

Where do I go from here? 

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New Member

I am getting two "fix Errors" problems

There is a question in the followup questions for the 1099-R that is prompting the kind of questions you're seeing there.  Typically, these questions come up because when asked if the box 2a amount is the taxable amount, you say no.  What is on your 1099-R in Boxes 1 2a and 2b.  What is th code in Box 7?Secondly, did you choose CSA-1099 when you chose the type of 1099-R on the first screen.  Please double check and answer in the comments

After you delete the 1099-MISC forms, try saving, closing, then opening the program again.

Level 2

I am getting two "fix Errors" problems

Thank you for your answer Anita.
Saving and closing the file did not get rid of the 1099 MISC issue. Each time I go and delete the empty form it pops up another notification. I started with one notification this morning upon reopening the file. I "fixed' that form and then went back to review screen and an additional notification appeared. Now I have 3.

The 1099-R box is checked correctly. The gross amount (1) is $133.47. 2a and 2b is $0.00. 2b is not checked in either box. Box 5 is $133.47. And Box 7 is B and the box is not checked. The form view looks exactly like the 1099-R that I have.
The areas that are highlighted to be filled in on the Simplified Method Worksheet are line 2 and line 3. The first distribution from that fund was Jan 2016 when my husband was 59 yrs. old. This is the first year that there has not been a small taxable amount on the 1099R.
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