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Ammending the state returns and State wages inputs

My wife lives in New Jersey, but works in New York.   With the initial return submission via Turbo Tax, she allocated a large portion of her income from New York to New Jersey since she was working from home during the pandemic.  However, after submission and review, New York indicated that working from home does not justify allocating income to New Jersey.  Therefore, she will need to amend both the New Jersey and New York returns.  Can you please explain what process I need to follow to submit an amended return for both states?  Do I need to get prior authorization from the NJ and NY divisions of taxation before I submit?


Also, I am questioning my wife's state wages inputs.  In Turbo Tax, I keyed in the New York State workplace W2 info with the wages on line 16 and income tax on line 17.   However, the New Jersey residence W2 shows a wage amount on line 16 approx 5,000 more than New York.  I wanted to confirm if I just add the incremental 5,000 amount to the New Jersey line for #16 wages, so the total of New York plus New Jersey wages equals the amount of wages on the New Jersey Residence W2 form?

Thank You

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Ammending the state returns and State wages inputs

You can file amended returns for both NY and NJ and correct the portion of income for each state. 

You do not need authorization from the states.

As far as the W2, I would contact her employer and have a corrected W2 issued that shows the correct division of income.  What you are proposing to do will almost certainly trigger an error when it is processed by the states.  

Ammending the state returns and State wages inputs

Thank You DanPaul.  I appreciate your answer.  It was helpful.   I did speak to payroll at my wife's company and they said the differing Wage amounts on the 2 state W2 forms is legitimate.  NY backs out things such as Medical FSA from the gross wages, whereas NJ does not.  Therefore, I have to record NY wages, and then just the incremental wage amount in NJ to come to a total that equals the NJ wage amount on the W2.


Thanks Again.


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