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Amendment/IRS Question

My husband and I got a letter from IRS in December and faxed the amendment a couple days later, we didn't hear so we called in February and we're told not to send it again and they would get to it. April we got a notice of deficiency so we certified mailed everything they said they received it. We keep calling to ask questions and they keep hanging up. We have mailed the amendment to them, they received, do we still need to petition the tax court if we are working with the IRS and the 16 weeks to get a response will not be up before our deadline to petition the court. 

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Amendment/IRS Question

Due to the increased work load and reduced staffing the IRS is taking much longer to process anything that needs human interaction.   That second notice was automatically computer generated because the amendment had not yet been processed ... so now all you can do is wait for the responses to be attended to which could take months unfortunately.  

Amendment/IRS Question

you should reply in writing to any letter from the IRS, explaining that you already paid (I assume).

keep a copy and record of the postmark.


My brother-in-law has the same problem, the IRS keeps asking him for a check he already sent and IRS cashed long ago.

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