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Returning Member

2018 amended tax return errors without any entries

I made a copy of my filed 2018 tax return file and renamed it.  I then opened my TurboTax premier program (computer version),  It opens to a page titled "Continue Your 2018 Tax Return" which lists my 2018 accepted return file and my renamed file.   I selected "Amend a Filed Return" at the bottom right of the page, then selected the renamed file. The file loads and still shows the same data as my filed return, such as my Federal Return amount.  I select continue. I answer "yes, I've already filed..." and "I need to amend my 2018 return", then select continue.  At this point I see the window "Federal Tax Due" change significantly - changing a refund into a MAJOR amount due. 


I opened the 1040x.  I have NOT made any changes to the return. However, I see Column C line 13 changed from 1$27,179 to 7,179 and all of the entries in column B have negative entries. 


How do I fix this problem?

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Level 15

2018 amended tax return errors without any entries

Weird ... did you update the program after you installed it ?   Try that and start the amendment process again.  FYI ... if you did not already close the return ... if you do not ever like the changes since the last time you saved a file ... you have the option to NOT save the return when you close it ... this does NOT delete the entire file but it simply does not save the changes since the last saving.  This is a handy  tool ... say you complete a difficult section you can always choose to save  your progress at any time.  So if the computer glitches or you lose power all your hard work is not lost.  

Returning Member

2018 amended tax return errors without any entries

Sorry,  your suggestions do not help. 

Yes, I had installed ALL updates.  Yes, I know how to save files and do so regularly.  I even checked for updates again then re-booted my computer and started again to amend a new copy of my filled TurboTax file.  Same results - all values in columns A & B change at the same point when "Continue" selected.  


I was able to manually change all Column A, (Original amount), back to the actual original actual values which then allowed me to enter me adjustments to correctly compute the amended tax charges. 


By the way, I also found that I must manually enter the amount I filed with my extension on the "Original 2018 Return Payment Smart Worksheet" between lines 16 and 16 to get the correct value on lines 16 and 17.  This value also did not copy over from the original return.


There must be a problem with the TurboTax program that needs correction.  Anyone know how for me to discuss this with TurboTax directly?

Level 15

2018 amended tax return errors without any entries

Go to this website to contact TurboTax support during business hours -

Support can also be reached by messaging them on these pages and

Level 15

2018 amended tax return errors without any entries

You can discuss it with them over the phone...during weekday open hours:  start here:



They will probably want a diagnostic file, and will be able to tell you how to do that over the phone.


The software does track any modifications you make to a tax file, between the time you complete an e-file, or go thru the mail-file process, but I don't know what it does during the extension process (if the extension is done thru the software itself).  What you've indicated so far as what's happened doesn't really make sense to us, and you really need to work thru it with tech support on the phone.


The -20,000 is unusual.  Exactly 20,000? if so, you must have a good idea of what that is "supposed" to be perhaps 20,000 of estimated tax payments moved around somehow and not accounted for? or some other change..... 20,000 accidentally entered as a qtrly estimated tax payment (line 13), but taken out and corrected to a 20,000 extension payment (line 16...but you had to enter that manually later)) ..... at some time or other between e-filing and your start of the amendment ?


Maybe you know this, but we need to check


....BUT...what you seem to be telling us :


1)  You filed an extension and paid with it.  (that isn't filing an original tax return)

2) Then you finished all your data entries, and e-filed, or mail-filed your  final tax return data at some later date.

3) Now you are amending to correct some other problem with #2.


....did you really do #2?   If not, you shouldn't be amending.

____________*Answers are correct to the best of my knowledge when posted, but should not be considered to be legal or official tax advice.*

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