Why are my 1099-Misc listed in 2 places?
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Why are my 1099-Misc listed in 2 places?

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Why are my 1099-Misc listed in 2 places?

Your question is very common - sorry for the confusion. 

Information from Form 1099-MISC can be entered in 2 different locations, depending on your situation:

  • Self-Employment - when the income relates to your normal job or something you do regularly. This income will end up on a Sch C, subject self-employment tax and expenses can be entered to reduce the taxable amount. 
  • Other Common Income - something you did only once - and not related to your normal job and don't plan on doing this type of work in the future. 

If the second example sounds like you - enter this information in Turbo Tax as follows: Go to Federal Taxes - then click on Wages & Income, next look for the section: Other Common Income, then click on Start to the right of "Form 1099-MISC."

I hope this helped you. Thank you for using Turbo Tax. 

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