W2 came in late
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W2 came in late

I worked for Taco Bell long enough to get three checks then I quit. I already filed my taxes because I figured since it was past the 31st of January and I hadn't gotten my w2 from them I wasn't going to get one. Well I came home and checked the mail and I got a w2 from them. But I already received my refund. I only made like 700 bucks at taco bell. What do I do
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W2 came in late

In your situation, what you will want to do is "amend" your original tax return, to include the additional $700 (or so) in earned income from your Taco Bell W-2, as well as include whatever dollar amount that may have been withheld from your paycheck in federal and state taxes.  Thus, it's entirely possible that you could receive an additional (small) tax refund; or you may have to pay something (probably a small amount) back to the government.

You can amend your tax return in TurboTax using the instructions found on our specialized page set up for amending 2016 tax returns (see below).  But before that, there a few important things you should know.

Among these, before an amended tax return can be filed, you need to first wait until your original return is completely processed by the government, and your original tax refund is sent to you.  It sounds like this has already been accomplished in your case, so you're ready for the next step.

The second thing to do is actually go through the process of creating your amended tax return.  If you live in a state with a personal income tax, you'll also have to create and file an amended state tax return too.  Once you finish with the amendment process in the TurboTax software, you can then print and mail in your amended return (plus state, if applicable).  And yes, amended tax returns must be printed on paper and physically mailed; they cannot be e-filed.

For further information, and details, please visit this link for the current year amendment process.  You can follow the detailed instructions that are published there to amend your own 2016 tax return.  You may even want to bookmark the page in your web-browser so that you can easily return to it later:



You may also wish to read the following webpage (and watch the short video there) for additional information on amending tax returns in general:


Thank you for asking this important question.

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