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Taxes on rental property

We bought our house in 2003, and moved out of state in 2012- it’s been a rental since then. But are selling it this year. What are the tax implications? We are not purchasing a new house w/proceeds just investing/college funding. Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Jacqueline 

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Taxes on rental property


If this is for estimating the tax liability for the 2022 tax return  AND  you have been depreciating the property correctly all these years then here is a basic blueprint to follow : 



Cost basis =  purchase price + cost to buy + improvements

Adjusted cost basis =  cost basis -  depreciation taken

Sales price - ( cost basis + cost to sell )  =  profit or loss

Profit - depreciation taken = cap gain 

Depreciation is taxed as ordinary income not to exceed 25%.

Cap gain taxed at no more than 20%.


Ok ... a simple example of ratios ...  if you have more assets than the example then you will have more lines.  Remember if you divide a big number into a littler number you get a % ...  thus 5000/100,000 = 5%


       original  cost basis          ratios                  Sales price             cost of sale 

home    80000                   80%                          160,000               8,000

land       15000                   15%                           30,000                 1,500

roof        5000                        5%                           10,000                   500 

totals     100,000                100%                        200,000               10,000


All you need to enter into the program is the % of sales price & % of cost of sale for each asset being sold and you will have to do the math yourself as the program will not do it for you if you have more than one asset (the land & building are considered 2 assets) . 


And if you have NOT been taking depreciation as required  then RUN to a local tax pro when you file this return to get this error fixed correctly so you do not pay more taxes than you are required to do ... the form 3115 you need is not supported in the TT program and it is NOT a DIY project. 



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