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Returning Member

Taking peoples cash before its time

I would really love to know how you can debit my bank acct put me into the red, then 3 days later give me my money back, to just turn around 4 days later and do it again, putting me even further in the hole with my bank...?! Everything was to be deducted from my refund and YOU, Turbo Tax, of all people know the IRS is backed up big time, so getting out refunds is taking sometime, but yet you don't care about us, the people, that pay your wages or that; so you take money from our bank accts putting us in the hole with the bank because of your stupid stupid crap!!! YOU put me $600.00 in the hole because now I have insufficient fund payments to pay back all because of your greedyness and your inability to wait til the cash came in for those of us still waiting!!! & now I gota pray that my bank acct will still be open in order to receive my refund when they get it to me, all because I can't afford to pay what fees I'm getting hit with come morning! YOU basically screwed me big time... I have been with you for eleven to twelve years dedicated to Turbo Tax; wouldn't think of going elsewhere & am paying more n more for your services each year, so if this is how I am treated then I will be rethinking who I will be doing business with next year I can promise you that!!!! I'm angry beyond what you can imagine & IF you have any compassion and want my business still - you need/will make this right! IF NOT then my business goes else where but not before telling everybody who does their taxes what a pile of sh** you guys really are n getting them to seek help elsewhere cuz you aren't worth their time, I promise you this as I live and breathe!!!

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Level 15

Taking peoples cash before its time

I'll tell you about the appeals process below in regard to your overdraft fees.


This is mainly a user community forum, so it's not likely that TurboTax folks will see your comments in the user forum, but we can tell you how you can speak to them.


First see this FAQ on what you are experiencing.   However, I don't know why they put the funds back in your bank account and then debited it again.

FAQ:  Why was my bank account auto-debited for the TurboTax fees?


If their auto-debits have caused you to incur overdraft/non-sufficient fees (NSF fees), you have some recourse for the overdraft fees.  You will have to talk to Support to inform then of the situation and get an Incident Number from the person who takes your report, then see this FAQ:


FAQ: How to submit a non-sufficient funds (NSF) case for review:

NOTE:  As the FAQ says, you should redact  (black out) other personal info such as the account number, etc.


Hours are 5AM-5PM Pacific (8AM-8PM Eastern) Monday-Friday.


You can use this contact form to get a phone number, or it may schedule a callback.

Level 15

Taking peoples cash before its time


Also, if you want to contact the Intuit Corporate office to tell them about your experience and the problems it has caused you, you can go to the page at the link below. Just below the page's large title, you'll see a screen-wide blue banner that prominently says:

"Do you have a question, concern, or feedback about an Intuit product or service?"


There is a "Send an email" link with an arrow.  It goes to a designated person in the office of the President of Intuit, and they supposedly will assign it to the right team for review.


NOTE:  Do NOT send any sensitive personal data since that is regular email--not secure email.

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