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software flexability

why cant I just download the software and use a license code like other companies allow (ie, auto desk)?

If I don't have a CD drive, why do I have to go through this: ---log in, go to support, enter contact info, get the phone number, say "no CD drive" and then it gets pushed to your account?  What, am I five?


If I create or have an account, why do I need to enter my contact info again.  People looking to open a file they already purchased know they need to download it again on their new computer. If and when they go to the download page they are stopped by "enter you license here," I think it would be pretty obvious that they need the license number on their CD box for that year. If they don't have it, well then they need to call!

Am i asking for to much? 


It is almost like the website (Turbotax) really wants to catch you off guard so you buy a new one anyway. As if Turbotax doesn't know that in the last three plus years computers have phased out CD  drives, nowithstanding smart devices of course.  


Really? If in 2015 you used lap top w/CD,---  2016 laptop w/CD,---  2017 home computer w/ CD, ---   2018 a tax accountant,--- then 2019 a new lap top with out CD drive.     But then, in 2020 you go with smart device which probably means cloud based software.      How does Turbo tax intend to marry all those files/accounts together if they want your business.    Turbotax, you guys don't make it really easy to let one device with TT software on one account talk to another device with TT software for the same account. 


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software flexability

This is a public forum to help people with their tax/financial issues, Not a conduit to  Try to address your helpful suggestions ...

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software flexability

While we are mostly fellow users here, I've forwarded your message to a Moderator who can get it to the right department for consideration.  As you mentioned, fewer computers, especially laptops, have CD drives these days.  It does sound like there could be improvement in getting the software if one mistakenly purchased a CD.


Instead of buying a CD, one can always purchase the software as a download directly from TurboTax at this page:


And there is a small number of certified authorized online resellers of the software download, such as Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, Newegg,  but folks should avoid lesser-known sites with "too-good-to-be-true deals," since there are many pirated software sites or sites that could try to steal your ID and financial info, plant malware, etc.