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Required to purchase deluxe

Why was I required to purchase deluxe and after my phone consultation, nothing was wrong with my tax file? Initially, system said social security held was off, but consultation revealed nothing was wrong. I would like a refund! While the service is cool, I didn't need it!

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Required to purchase deluxe

 Did you have more than 1 employer?  You get back any excess Social Security paid on your tax return and need to use Deluxe for that.  Check 1040 Schedule 3 line 11 for it.  Then Schedule 3 goes to 1040 line 18d.


Or it said your employer took out too much SS?  You could have fixed that and stayed in Free.  There's been a lot of questions for this. Seems to be the way the employer's are rounding in box 4.  Try leaving off the cents in W2 box 4.  That's been working for other users. Maybe even reduce box 4 by $1.


Get a calculator and check each W2 box 3&4.  Multiply box 3 x .062 and it should be box 4.  The max for all box 4 combined (but only for each person) is $8,239.80. Even one penny over from rounding will be excess.  So leave off the cents!  Or post back with the amounts in boxes 3&4.

Level 15

Required to purchase deluxe

To ask for a refund,  Contact Customer Service
5am-5pm Pacific Time Monday -Friday

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