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Level 2

Section 179

I am trying to take a Section 179 deduction for equipment purchased for job. Previous years of Turbo Tax let you make a selection of 179. How do you do that selection in TurboTax Premiere 2017?
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Level 8

Section 179



If your asset qualifies for the 179 deduction, you will be able to select that option. Here's where to find that section and enter the information:


1. Type sch c in the search bar and click search.
2. Click on Jump to sch c.
3. Edit your business.
4. At the Your XXX Business screen, scroll down to Business Assets and click start/edit.
5. Continue with the onscreen interview and TurboTax will ask you if you qualify to tax the Section 179 deduction.


Here's some additional information as well: