My son is 16 years old and worked, he made $1900
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My son is 16 years old and worked, he made $1900

do i still claim him as a dependent or he has to file taxes
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My son is 16 years old and worked, he made $1900


If your dependent has a W-2 for his after-school job, summer job, etc. you do not include the information on your own return. You can still claim your child as a dependent on your own return.  He/she can file his own return for a refund of some of his withheld wages (he won’t get back anything for Social Security or Medicare), but MUST indicate on it that he can be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s return.  (Supervise this closely or prepare it for him!)

If your dependent’s earnings were over $400 and were reported on a 1099Misc or 1099NEC then he must file a return and pay self-employment tax for Social Security and Medicare.  You may want to use this version of TT for that:

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Level 15

My son is 16 years old and worked, he made $1900

Yes.  You can still claim him.  He might have to file his own return too.


You don't include their income on your return. It would only go on their return if they are required to file one.  They don't have to file if they only have W2 income under 12,400 but can file to get back any withholding taken out in boxes 2 or 17.  But you don't get boxes 4 or 6 back.


To file a separate return for a dependent you need to set up a new account separate from the parents.  Online is only good for one return per account.  You can use the same email address for 5 accounts.  You can probably use the Free Edition or the Free File website



Be sure on the dependent return you check the box that says you can be claimed on someone else’s return.  If your only income is W2 and under 12,400 you do not have to file a return except to get back any withholding taken out.


Filing requirements for a dependent

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