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Live help please

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Live help please

Live help is available for TurboTax Live users during business hours 5AM-9PM Pacific (8AM-12 Midnight Eastern) 7 days/week.

To get the soonest appointment, do not schedule one after hours.  Instead, wait until they are open to go through the scheduling process.

You appear to be using Live Premier.   Live Premier is an upgrade to regular Premier that has on-demand live help from a CPA/EA tax pro during preparation and a final review of your return, which they will sign.    Live Premier is 169.99 for a Federal return, and 44.99 for a State return.  See the FAQs for more info on your product.

FAQ:  What is TurboTax Live?

FAQ:   How do I connect with a tax expert in TurboTax Live?

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