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I am getting an error that 1040/1040SR Wks: Line 11 is too large, but line 11 is 0. I have no idea what to do.

This is on Schedule 3.
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I am getting an error that 1040/1040SR Wks: Line 11 is too large, but line 11 is 0. I have no idea what to do.

I had the same problem. I found what caused the issue is if you delete something, turbo tax is not deleting the form associated with it like it is supposed to and it is creating a duplicate form when you enter the correct information. I had duplicate 1099NEC and section c forms but only showing one 1099NEC on the walkthrough. I just deleted all of the 1099NEC and all of the section C forms and went back and started a new 1099NEC. Worked fine after that. It may be a different form on yours but go through the forms and look for duplicates to delete.

Expert Alumni

I am getting an error that 1040/1040SR Wks: Line 11 is too large, but line 11 is 0. I have no idea what to do.

Form 1040/1040SR Wks Line 11 is your adjusted gross income. I suspect that this may involve a self-employment tax deferral entry. 


Particularly if you were in this section and then decided against it, there may be a lingering entry.


If this applies to you, I recommend three steps.


First, try simply deleting the zero in the Check this entry field.


Second, if the error persists, revisit the section for the Self-employment tax deferral entry:

  1. Return to the Deductions & Credits section
  2. Scroll to Tax relief related to COVID-19 and Show More
  3. Select Self-employment tax deferral and select Revisit
  4. Answer Yes at the next screen to get back to Let's start by getting your eligible income.
    1. If you do not want to defer any self-employment income, "Enter your eligible self-employment income" should be blank.
      1. Select Continue.
    2. At Tell us how much you'd like to defer, "Enter amount" should be blank.
      1. Select Continue
  5. Scroll down and select Wrap up Tax Breaks and Continue.
  6. At Charitable Cash Contributions under Cares Act, if you made cash donations to eligible organizations, enter the amount up to $300 for all taxpayers except married filing separate, who would each have a maximum of $150 and ContinueIf this does not apply, leave this entry blank.
  7. I recommend running through the Federal Review again.

Third, if the error is still in the return,

  1. Delete the Sch SE that applies--(Sch SE-T is for Taxpayer, Sch SE-S for Spouse)--by following these steps:
    1. From the left menu, select Tax Tools
    2. Select Tools
    3. Scroll to Delete a Form
    4. Scroll to Sch SE-T and/or Sch SE-S and select Delete
  2. Return to the self-employment income & expenses interview in the Income & Expenses section and select Edit/Add
    1. Select Edit for your business
    2. Scroll down to Done so that the Sch SE is recalculated 
    3. Finish any other questions in the self-employment interview and click Continue.
  3. Review the return again

[Edited 02/20/2021 | 5:04 AM PST]




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